Gene Simmons Makeup Tutorial


Have you ever wanted to know how Kiss does their makeup so consistently night after night?  Now you can get the info straight from the demon’s mouth.  Gene recently sat down with his daughter, Sophie, and illustrated the makeup techniques he’s perfected over the years.

His weapons of choice are:

  • Stein’s Clown White Makeup
  • Mehron Slim Pro-Pencil
  • Q-tips
  • Ben Nye Setting Powder – Super White – TP-81
  • Powder Puff
  • Blush Brush
  • Ben Nye Creme Colors Black CL-29
  • Naimie’s No. 2 Makeup Brush

Hi basic method is to cover his entire face in white then draw in the design with the pencil using dotted lines.  Then he uses Q-Tips to remove the white from the areas he’s going to color in black.

The only part that isn’t covered in the video is setting the black creme makeup.  At the end of the tutorial, you can clearly see that the black areas around Sophie’s eyes don’t have the smooth look that gene’s usually have.  At one point, Gene mentions that it usually takes him two hours to complete the job but that you can do it the way he shows in the video in under an hour.  What do you think he’s leaving out?

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