Quick, Cool & Cheap Halloween Costume – Dead Star Trek Red Shirt

Star Trek came back into our lives this year for better or worse.  The great thing is that it makes this a really cool Halloween costume.  I’ve chosen one of the lesser known characters for this tutorial – the doomed red shirt.  You know the ones.  Every time a crewman you’ve never seen before beams down to a planet wearing a red shirt his end is near.  It’s as inevitable as death and taxes.  Okay, okay, I guess it IS death I’m talking about here and what better way to goth up Trek for Halloween?

There aren’t many sources to mention but the T-shirt came from ebay.  Search for Star Trek red shirt and you’ll see you have a ton of choices.  The one I got was simply the cheapest.  I should also mention that I bought the prop toys at BigBadToyStore.com.  I like BBTS for the most part and had rather buy from them than most of the bigger toy retailers.  They often run great sales but some of their merch is overpriced.  Caveat emptor.

Just remember – n ext time someone asks you to go somewhere you’ve never been and you happen to be wearing a red shirt, think twice before accepting.  I’m just saying.

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