Time to Start Thinking About Halloween!


For most people, August is way too early to start thinking about Halloween, but not for us, right?  We know how long it takes to create or source a high quality costume.  The pro haunters start their preparations in early summer, but for us weekend warriors, August is a pretty good starting point.  So what are you going to be this year?

Something new?  San Diego Comic Con usually gives costumers a good look at which new properties are going to make for popular costumes.  The Walking Dead is a good option if you’re looking to break the Goodwill Zombie mold.  The zombie who gets nailed with the screwdriver in season one is a great choice because he’s instantly recognizable to fans of the show.  There’s a surprisingly good new Evil Dead feature but, alas, there is nothing in it as iconic as Ash with his chainsaw hand.  The new Texas Chainsaw has a reimagined Leatherface who looked pretty cool.  Of course, there are non-horror, non-reboot properties as well.  How about a character from Game of Thrones?  Or if you’re particularly short of stature, maybe one of the new characters from The Hobbit.  Maybe a character from your favorite video game!  Just do us both a favor and skip the Lone Ranger stuff, okay?

Something old?  This is where the lion’s share of choices lie.  From Star Wars to Marvel and DC superheroes to the Universal Monsters and everything in between.  Just pick something that you love enough to live with for a while.  Ghostbusters are always a good choice, especially since Mattel started releasing relatively inexpensive prop replicas.  Of all the comic characters out there, Deadpool seems to be getting more popular every day.  And if you’re thinking really old school, there are tons of cool characters from mythology.  My current fave is Hecate.

Something borrowed?  Know someone who’s heavily into cosplay?  Yes?  Then don’t even think about asking to borrow one of their costumes.  Most of them spend a lot of time and money to construct those outfits and, believe it or not, they also spend a considerable amount of trial and error figuring out how to wear the damn thing and not lose their minds (or parts of the costume).  There’s also the issue of personal hygiene when sweating your ass off inside someone else’s helmet.  Just say no and avoid that awkward moment when your friend has to tell you that you’re just too short to be a stormtrooper.

Something blue?  The Tick?  Smurfs?  The Earth?  Viagra?  Dr. Manhattan?  A blue M&M?  The Silver Surfer in a blue room?  That’s all I got.

Don’t forget that you can gender-bend any costume to fit your particular *ahem* attributes.  Whatever you choose, have fun making it and have fun wearing it.  Just don’t buy an off-the-shelf outfit on October 30th, okay?  I’ve already chosen my costume this year but it’s going to remain a secret a while longer while I work out the details.  In the meantime, you can take a look at this excellent overview of the outfits on display at San Diego Comic Con this year and see if they give you any ideas.


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