Jason Voorhees Costume

What do you do when the Halloween store hockey masks just don’t do it for you anymore?  When the plastic machetes no longer fit the bill?  You move on to a more screen accurate Jason, that’s what!

The first thing you need to do is pick a Jason.  ANY Jason.  Just don’t pick Jason Alexander unless you really REALLY like Seinfeld.  But choose wisely as you’re going to be living with this version of Jason for a long time.  I chose to build the Freddy Vs. Jason version of the character.  Why?  Because I liked the overall look of Jason in that film.  I thought he was well designed so that’s the one I chose.  I also had the machete already, but that’s another story.  I also chose the look from the beginning of the film.  Pick the look you like best and go for it.

Here’s the list, head to toe, of everything you’ll need if you want to make this killer costume.  Links are provided for the sources I used.

As you can see, it’s pretty simple but there are a couple of hangups.  The biggest is the barn jacket.  No one in their right mind would ever make clothing out of burlap so you’ll never find one of these on sale at Macy’s.  You can either make it yourself, buy one another costumer has made, or find a jacket that’s similar and weather the hell out of it.  It all depends on your thirst for accuracy and your sewing skills.  Be warned, though – burlap doesn’t like sewing machines very much.  If you build one of these, you’ll probably need to hand sew it.  I got very lucky.  While I was looking for barn coat patterns and checking out fabric stores for burlap, I stumbled across a poor soul who was selling his VS jacket on Ebay for far less than it was worth.  Yes, I bought my jacket for $50!  Believe it or not, Ebay miracles do sometimes happen.  Even though I bought mine, having it in hand showed me plenty about how to build one.  Check out the video for more.

The other problem is the pants.  If you don’t care about accuracy, some black sweatpants will probably do the trick if you cut up the bottom of the pants legs.  The real pants were custom made terry cloth slacks in brown with black flecks.  I’ve not seen fabric like that anywhere (and I’ve looked) but I was able to find some old sweatpants that were VERY similar.  In certain light they appear to be brown and in other illumination they look black.  I’m not sure why they chose this odd fabric but looking for these weird costume pieces is half the fun!

The mask is the key ingredient, of course.  I recommend FrightStuff because they make their masks from the original F13 Part 3 mold, and at a very reasonable price.  The mask you see in the video was a blank pull made by NoFace.  I cut it out, trimmed it, and painted it to make it match a particular screen-used VS mask but you can make whichever one you want from the FrightStuff masks.  And they can be purchased pre-trimmed and pre-strapped.  If you decide to paint yours yourself, you’ll need plastic primer to prime the surface, then a base coat, painter’s tape to mask off the chevrons, red gloss enamel for those markings, and a variety of paints for weathering.  If I ever decide to paint up my FrightStuff mask, I’ll post a tutorial.  Sorry, but I made the mask in the video several years ago so i don’t have any video of the process.

As to the mask straps, you’ll notice that my mask has elastic strapping.  The screen-used mask had leather straps with buckles and a metal ring at the back where they meet.  I plan on adding that some day but for now, I’m okay with the elastic as it keeps the mask in place very well.  If you’re interested in strap sets you can buy them at FiberglassMasks.com or you can raid the dog leash section at your local Petco.

This isn’t a terribly complicated costume.  Just keep an eye on the details and the overall shape of the suit.  If you need to, add extra padding underneath to bulk up to Jason’s size.  But whatever you do, remember to have fun.

Happy Hallowe’en!

Addendum: Halloween2015

Chris sent me his pics of his own killer Jason costume. Nice work, Chris!

In this first pic, Jason wants to know who ate all the Cheetos.


Here, Jason grapples with his nemesis.  Good luck with that Freddy, Chris!


Addendum: Halloween 2014

Josh was kind enough to send me pics of his hybrid Vs./Part VI Jason costume, made with a tiny bit of help from this tutorial.  He’s seen here sporting a couple of different hockey masks and a full head undermask!  Very cool work, Josh!  Happy hunting.


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