Helmet Fans

So you like being a stormtrooper on the Death Star, but you can’t see a thing in that helmet, and the whole thing gets a little too hot for you? Or maybe you just moved into the Jundland Wastes and all the other Tusken Raiders seem cool and collected when you’re sweating your ass off. Then this is the tutorial for you!

Putting a small battery-powered fan into a mask or helmet can make all the difference in the world and allow you to stay in costume for hours.  It’s an extremely simple circuit, but I’ll give you a few tips that can make the difference between success and failure.

Here are links to some of the parts I use:

(updated 9/20/16)

Pre-wired Toggle Switch

12V Mini Fan (this has somewhat low airflow but is very quiet)

12V Blower Fan

9V Battery Connector

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