Wonder Woman Costume Tutorial


I have no doubt that Wonder Woman will be a big costume for Halloween this year. Most people will go for the new Xena Warrior Princess look from the DC films. Since that territory is well covered, i wanted to present something a little different. My friend Kendal decided to make the Lynda Carter version, but with a twist – she’s in mid-twirl, in the midst of her transformation from Diana Prince to WW. Like this:

The first season of the TV series was set during World War II, with subsequent seasons set in the ’70s. While you could certainly put together a hip, mod ensemble for the ’70s version from polyester Goodwill purchases, we’re going for the Diana Prince naval officer look from season one.

In the first season of the show, Diana Prince is a Yeoman, WAVES secretary. WAVES stood for the condescending title of Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service! Ugh! According to Wikipedia:

The winter uniform was made from navy blue wool, worn with a white shirt and dark blue tie. The jacket was single breasted and unbelted, with a six-gored skirt. Included were black oxfords and plain black pumps; a brimmed hat; black gloves; black leather purse, and rain and winter coats.

This navy blue uniform is the one we usually see Yeoman Prince sporting in season one. If you’re willing to break the bank, the best option is a genuine WAVES uniform. There’s a great online resource for info on these uniforms here. Diana appears to be wearing US Navy dress blues. They consist of a jacket, shirt, and skirt.


THIS JACKET is the modern day equivalent, and it’s absolutely a steal. Full disclosure: I haven’t ordered it yet, so I can’t vouch for the vendor.


You could also modify any navy blue blazer with the traditional brass eagle and anchor buttons and call it a day.


The insignia on the jacket includes a pair of collar pins and a shoulder patch.

THIS PIN is the real Navy WAVES insignia, and is generally only available on Ebay or via an antique uniform dealer.

amazon-pinTHIS PIN is an easier, and less expensive, option.

The left shoulder patch is a navy yeoman patch that looks like this:


THIS PATCH is the real deal, and it’s inexpensive. They come sized for men and women, so be careful not to get the larger one if you search elsewhere.


The shirt was a white dress uniform shirt and a black tie. Since you’ll be unbuttoning it, you can eliminate the tie and use just about any white dress shirt.


The skirt is a plain, blue, six gored skirt that should match the jacket. The navy specifies that the length may range from 1-1/2 inches above to 1-1/2 inches below the crease behind the knee, but I don’t think you have to worry too much about that.

THIS SKIRT is the real uniform skirt the Navy uses.skirt-amazon

THIS SKIRT could be an inexpensive stand-in, but be careful of mixing different shades of blue. You’ve been warned.


THIS DRESS is another cheap option that could stand in for the whole outfit with the top half unbuttoned to expose the WW bustier underneath. At the time of this writing, it was less than $20!


Now, on to the fun stuff. We’ll start with the bustier. Some call it a corset, but it really isn’t built like a corset. Since ours isn’t going to be seen except through the unbuttoned top, you might as well be comfortable. What you really want is that flash of gold and red. There are lots of licensed costumes out there, none of which look exactly like the Lynda Carter version. If you want accuracy, your best bet is to buy a good replica from a private costume maker. You just have to be careful not to create too much bulk since you’re already wearing a shirt and jacket!


THIS ETSY SELLER makes fine replicas, if money is no object.ww-top-cheap

THIS TOP is an inexpensive option that won’t bulk you up under the navy uniform. You could always add to the gold area to form the eagle’s wings over your breasts IF you think the wings will be visible. The first rule of Costumebot is don’t build anything that won’t be seen.


THESE CUFFS are surprisingly well made for the price. They’re metal and shiny with no sharp edges. Very well done for inexpensive costume pieces.


THIS TIARA is also very nice for the price. Just be careful. It can break if you try to bend it.


The last piece of the puzzle is the footwear. You can either go with WW’s red boots or Navy WAVES sensible shoes. I suppose the true die-hards out there would figure out a way to merge the two for the transformation, but that’s a tutorial for another day.


THESE BOOTS are probably the least expensive ones that will get you in the ballpark. At the time of this writing, they were less than $25! You could then use some craft paint or strips of vinyl to create the vertical stripes. No need to worry about the tops or how high they go since they’ll be worn under a skirt.

So, that’s our CostumeBot Wonder Woman transformation tutorial. I hope it’s given you some ideas. You can take this one as far as you like, including a golden lasso, and even an invisible plane if you like. 🙂 If you make this costume, please send up pictures and we’ll add them to this post.

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